What is BCSP’s Safety Management Specialist?
By Ir Prof Vincent HO

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) began offering the Safety Management Specialist (SMS) certification in 2017 for individuals with the necessary management skills to run and operate a business safely. The ideal SMS certification holder demonstrates competency in occupational health and safety activities dedicated to the prevention of harm to individuals in the workplace. It aims to recognise individuals with strong commitment to safety management who are looking to be selected for leadership or senior positions where safety is a key component of the work.

With nearly 1,300 active SMS certification holders, the SMS is quickly becoming an important certification around the world for those looking for a safety, health and environmental (SH&E) credential whose requirements are more experience-based with a focus on management ability. The SMS certification requires ten years of experience in occupational health or safety. The applicant must also be engaged part-time or full-time in occupational health or safety with a minimum of 35% of job responsibilities related to the management of safety-related programs, processes, procedures, and/or personnel.

Typically, activities of a SMS include defining and utilising an organisation’s safety management systems, risk management, incident investigation and emergency preparedness. Other activities are maintaining current knowledge of SH&E concepts and identifying business cases for safety.

Along with the experience requirements, prospective SMS holders must pass the SMS examination, which consists of about 200 multiple-choice items that must be completed in 4.5 hours. Additionally, SMS holders must remain current with changes in professional practice by continuously earning points for recertification every five years.

The SMS certification is particularly appropriate for those holding leadership and senior positions looking to be recognised for strong commitment to safety management on a part-time basis.

For more information about the SMS certification and BCSP, visit the website at http://bcsp.org/SMS.

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