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Technical seminar on electrical energy isolation through lockout-tagout
By Ir Wallace POON

It was our pleasure to have Ir Richard Tse to give a technical seminar on electrical energy isolation through lockout-tagout (LOTO) at the Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre in Kowloon Bay on 10 October 2019. This seminar was jointly organised by the CA, EV Divisions and the AMC. Around 20 participants attended.

Common sense suggests that any industrial machine or piece of equipment has the potential to cause harm if it is not isolated or operated correctly. Experiences from accidents, incidents or even near-misses in the industry suggest that employees or contractors may suffer from risks while operating heavy machinery and the type of energy in a working environment.

After a warm welcome by Mr C C Tang, the Seminar Chairman and representative of the CA Division, Ir Tse gave a brief introduction on why LOTO is important to industry operations. He mentioned that LOTO is a technique used to prevent energy from being released during the servicing of equipment. This is accomplished by placing locks on energy isolation devices prior to starting work. In some articles on the study of injuries, around 80% of incident or accidents occurred due to the improper electrical isolation of heavy industrial equipment or machines during servicing.

Other injuries were caused by machines being started accidentally by co-workers or the stored energy in the machines or batteries. Ir Tse also indicated that the relationships among the authorised employees, affected employees and other employee were considered in the LOTO mechanism. He also gave an example of general procedures for LOTO to indicate the major issues related to the risk of improper LOTO. All participants found that the seminar was fruitful and informative.

At the end of the seminar, Ir Tse showed a video demonstrating how LOTO techniques could be considered and implemented in the PRC. Finally, Mr Tang presented a souvenir to Ir Tse and a photo with the organising parties was taken.

Mr C C Tang (left 2nd), representative of the CA Division, presenting a souvenir to Ir Richard Tse (right 2nd)

Thinking about the NewGen
By Ir Prof Eddie LOCK

On 24 October 2019, representatives of the CA Division and CA Discipline, Ir C S Leung, Ir Louis Yiu, Ir Prof Louis Lock and Ir Dr Eddie H K Lock, met the senior management of CLP.

They spent the afternoon exploring opportunities for collaborative learning as well as future cooperation, focusing on the NewGen.

The NewGen actually contains two extremely important mindsets for this century, especially in the present status of Hong Kong. First, it implies a new generation of technology applications such as artificial intelligence, automation, big data, innovation, 5G and more. It is also creating a night and day difference globally in that every individual can now make the effort to generate new business models such as e-shopping, which of course creates huge opportunities by not requiring to pay high rents, thus allowing even tiny home-to-home transactions to be commercially viable.

What is more important, however, is to think from the mindset of the new generation. To be more exact, how can today’s young engineers help to create a better living atmosphere that they would not only love to see, but also feel great. This is one area in which everyone can give without taking.

You may say that engineers are straight forward enough to spend their lifetimes striving to improve the future lives of others. But did you know, for example, that during the World War II, CLP destroyed their own generation plants in order to stall military attacks?

To uplift our communications and create a better future, we are committed to giving our best to serve the community. And to be more explicit, we target the NewGen.

(L to R) Ir Eric Chan, Ir Prof Louis Lock, Ir Louis Yiu, Ir C S Leung, Ir Jason Fan, Ir John Chan, Ir Prof Eddie Lock and Ms Alice Ho

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