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Seminar on innovative technologies and inspiring training methods for boosting the imagination of the future smart city
By Ir Dr Jackson TANG and Ir Dr Y C CHAU

Imagination, curiosity and technology-based startups are the key to boosting the competitiveness of any city. Most of the technologies are created indirectly as a result of education and training methods which stimulate the minds of the young generation.

The captioned seminar held at the The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 2 November 2019 attracted more than 140 attendees.

The first speaker Mr Argon Ho, Executive Director from Pixel Networks Ltd, shared the beauty of long range (LoRa) wireless technology that enables old buildings to become smart without any destructive installations.

The second speaker was Ms Clera Chu, Managing Director of Broadteck International Co Ltd. She proposed digital storytelling to be one of the education methods in schools and even for adult training. Digital stories not only stick in the audience’s mind better, but also enable the story teller to understand the problem to be addressed more deeply.

The third speaker Mr Joe Chan, Manager of Incubation Programmes from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, shared their new training programme iDM2 which aims to unlock the true potential of startups and help them to success.

The fourth speaker was Ir Dr Victor Lo, Chairman and Founding Director of the Institute of Systematic Innovation, Hong Kong. He explained how he consolidates and translates from Russian to English and then to Chinese the systematic TRIZ innovation creating approach into cute learning cards and booklets. He aims to teach the TRIZ method not only to engineering students, but also to non-engineering students and even secondary schools.

During the question-and-answer session, participants wanted to know more about the LoRa technologies and had separate workshops for digital storytelling and TRIZ. The audience also believed that technology startups are helping to create a smart Hong Kong and the government should pay more attention to technology development.

The four speakers and the members of the Organising Committee

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